In Car DVD and TV equipment for classic cars

Classic cars with TV; don’t be daft!!! How many people with VW split screen camper vans would love a TV tuner fitted or DVD video entertainment in their vehicle? Anyway, Retro Car Stuff simply means we cater for all types of vehicle but specialise in Classics. We can supply an amazing range of these in car toys for all types of application. hide away under seat DVD players with in dash screens or replacement headrest monitors with or without inbuilt DVD players trimmed in leather with factory match stitching and trim or less expensive leatherette style in multicolour too. Roof drop down screens in all sizes are also available.

We can convert the old analogue factory TV system which you may have inbuilt to your car to fully digital free-view systems with pictures on the move for your passengers.

If we can help with any Video or TV related questions please contact us or call our friendly team on 0845 166 7103

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