Classic Car speakers in dash or door panelsSpeakers for classic cars come in two main varieties; single voice coil and double voice coil, what is the difference?

Single voice coil speakers are the norm and are sold in pairs (right and left channel) the radio usually has at least two channel outputs with sometimes a fader for front and rear so you would either fit two in the front or do both front and rear meaning you would need two pairs of single voice coil speakers.

Dual voice coil speakers are essentially one single speaker with as the name implies double voice coils. The terminals are marked plus and minus and you should take care when wiring the head unit outputs that you get the polarity correct. In other words, connect the two positive wires from the radio to the two plus terminals on the speakers and do the same with the minus (negative) ones. Why is this important? If you don’t wire them up as described they will be out of phase and the single cone will struggle to move if given opposite phase and the sound will be very thin and tinny.

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Single voice coil Speakers

The SVC range of speakers is a standard configuration single channel speaker for normal installations where speakers are mounted to the left & right of the car, such as doors or dash sides. These speakers are available in a range of sizes and specifications.

Dual voice coil Speakers

Dual Voice Coil design allows you to connect 2 stereo channels from your radio to one speaker, providing you with maximum sound for a single speaker application!

Sub-Woofer Underseat

This box is actively amplified, which means the amplifier is built into the enclosure, along with the subwoofer.