Hirschmann HIT AUTA 770 B Stainless Steel wing aerial

Fully retractable locking wing aerial

Hirschmann HIT AUTA 770 B Stainless Steel car fully retractable locking wing aerial.

Universal stainless steel manual antenna for installation on a 0 to 38 bodywork slope. Universal retractable antenna (Replaceable masts available)

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Hirschmann AUTA770B Stainless Steel Mast Telescopic Manual Aerial

This stainless steel manual antenna is suitable for installation on a 0 to 38 bodywork slope, it requires a 21mm hole. Universal retractable antenna

  • AM Frequency Range: 0.15-6.2Mhz
  • FM Frequency Range: 87.5-108Mhz
  • 0-38 Degree Adjustable Angle Head
  • Stainless steel telescopic mast – Also Suitable for Classic / Retro Cars

1967-79 Volkswagen Beetle Replacement Antenna

This authentic replacement antenna for Volkswagen features a rugged steel mast and attractive black base. Antenna cable is included. This is designed specifically for 1967-79 VW Beetles with the antenna on the top cowl.

This fits

  • 1967-79 VW Beetle

Retrosound Fully Automatic Power AM/FM Antenna with Remote Motor PA-02

The PA-02 is a direct-fit replacement antenna for your classic. The motor is mounted remotely from the mast assembly, enabling a wide variety of installations in which space is a premium. It features a thirty-one-inch five-section mast. Antenna cable is included. Operation is fully automatic: mast extends when radio is turned on and retracts when radio is switched off

  • Motor is separate from mast assembly for installation in tight areas
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Six custom mounting heads for a variety of installation applications
  • Five section thirty-one inch mast
  • Five-foot antenna cable included
  • This is not a factory replacement antenna and may require some modification, as well as a minimum of 28.7cm  (or 34.5cm with cable) inches of depth below the mounting point