Digital Aerial

ANT-536 Single 96dB Magnetic Mount Car Digital Aerial Necvox NV536 / NV 536

ANT-536 Single 96dB Magnetic Mount Car Digital Antenna Necvox NV536 / NV 536 digital aerial.

A good digital aerial is essential. Portable Indoor & Outdoor FreeView TV Aerial,
Digital Video Antennas offer probably the best reception around for Mobile Digital Video

This digital aerial is ideal for most vehicles

Estates, MPV and Car Truck Camper RV to offer you excellent reception.
(Not Suitable for Plastic/Fibre Glass Roof) If you have a plastic or wooden canal boat/ trailer caravan. You can use this aerial with a ground plane to improve reception. Contact us if you are not sure what a ground-plane is. Or see this link from Wikipedia on aerial ground plane effect

We have some ground plane tape available here..

The ANT-536 Digital aerial from Necvox is a versatile little beast, originally sold in pairs for the Diversity TV tuner from C-KO we decided this was so good at picking up TV signals so started to offer them in singles.

For in car DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) The ANT-536 Digital aerial can’t be beat. It is not the prettiest of things but with the magnetic base is can be removed when not in use. Omni directional  96db gain makes it one of the best in its class.